Long-standing tradition with a top-class perspective

The foundation stone for the LIG Lammerting Immobilien Group was laid by Josef and Agnes Lammerting in 1949 with the management of their own and third-party residential houses. The rapid expansion of the property business began in 1978.

There was a generational change the same year: having completed his training in business administration and residential trade and industry, Udo J. Lammerting took over the business and built LIG into one of the region’s leading real estate companies.

Dom Hotel

His son Alexander Lammerting, a graduate in business studies, joined the company’s management at the beginning of 2010 and now heads Lammerting Industriebau GmbH together with Michael Susan, who has already been a manager in the Group for more than 15 years. Udo J. Lammerting has been advising the company’s management since then with his wealth of experience and property knowledge.


Important milestones in the last 25 years include: the “Hürth-Park” shopping centre property development, the development of the technology parks in Cologne and Bergisch Gladbach, the Maarwegcenter, the Cologne-Poll industrial park, the new technology centre and the Mercedes-Benz Centre in the Cologne Technology Park, designed based on international architectural principles. Added to this is the development of the ‘Dom-Karree’ with the ‘Dom-Hotel’, which began ten years ago and is ongoing, together with a range of other projects.

LIG milestones in detail