Holistic solutions under the one roof

Whether in the Commercial, Hotel or Residential area, project development is a holistic process. When you have an idea to achieve a particular objective, a whole variety of tasks must be accomplished from a whole range of fields of expertise such as town planning, architecture, civil engineering, law, taxation, marketing and sales as well as finance.

All disciplines related to the construction process must be closely interlinked. Lammerting Immobilien GmbH places a strong emphasis on the user's needs and requirements in its project developments.

The real challenge for project developments is finding optimal solutions to the many different individual tasks, without losing an overall perspective.

Moreover, a close network of national and international investors is becoming ever more important, to enable the opportunity for a successful exit.

Lammerting Immobilien GmbH’s complete professionalism, many years of experience and absolute reliability ensure that the properties it develops meet their actual purpose:

  • providing space for users for a quality working, trading and living environment,
  • adding secure and lasting value for investors.