Major projects – first addresses

LIG Lammerting Immobilien Group’s complete professionalism, many years of experience and absolute reliability ensure that the properties it develops meet their actual purpose:

  • providing space for users for a quality working and living environment  
  • adding secure and lasting value for investors.  

Selected reference projects

Living by the Braunsfeld birch forest

In the extremely popular and very sought-after area in Cologne Braunsfeld, Lammerting Immobilien GmbH has developed this residential project consisting of five central houses in a very relaxed layout surrounded by greenery. In the light of the number of offers to buy, LIG sold the approx. 5,000-m² project-development site in November 2010.

Cologne Technology Park (TechnologiePark Köln)

The region’s largest multifunctional business site with a rental space of around 255,000 m² and more than 330 residing companies with over 6,400 employees. Sale of individual portfolios to a fund and to international investors since 2004. The site is under ongoing development.

Mercedes-Benz Centre

Developed using international architectural design:  Daimler AG‘s brand centre in Cologne Technology Park. The brand and event centre was realized by LIG, which acted as investor, builder and project developer. Sale of the Mercedes-Benz Centre (effective area of around 35,000 m²) to a fund.

Office block Ensemble Josef-Lammerting-Allee 25

Built ‘just-in-time’: the office complex in Cologne Technology Park houses an international engineering company, among other things (construction period 7 months /7,000 m² rental space).

‘NTZ’ New Technology Centre in Cologne Technology Park

Modern and very economical office architecture: the new technology centre in Cologne Technology Park has a total effective area of approx. 22,000 m². Its main users are the Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt) and institutes of the University of Cologne.

Office building Josef-Lammerting-Allee 20-22 in Cologne Technology Park

The headquarters of the renowned Kölner GAG Immobilien AG (total rental space 4,500 m²).

MCC Maarweg Creativ-Center in Cologne Technology Park

The modern campus in the east of Cologne Technology Park offers companies from the creative industry, among others, the best possible working conditions on an effective area of over 14,000 m².

Forum in Cologne Technology Park

Communicative and transparent architecture, a large degree of flexibility and, above all, profitability, are what is offered by the "Forum” office complex in Cologne Technology Park. The user is Ford Financial Services.

Bergisch Gladbach Technology Park

Revitalisation: LIG developed a business site on the former Siemens Interatom site with a rental space of 75,000 m² (around 120 companies with approx. 2,000 employees) and sold it to international investors in 2007.

Cologne Business Park

Cologne BusinessPark is on the eastern bank of the Rhine, in the Köln-Poll district.  Commercial, service and retail companies such as “Praktiker“, “McDonalds“, and “Staples“ occupied a site covering approx. 100,000 m².

CarCenter Cologne

Cologne BusinessPark is also the site of CarCenter Cologne – a centre devoted to cars, including the central registration office for the city of Cologne.

Herkules office building complex

Just-in-time completion of the office building for Siemens and IBM for the Bundeswehr’s Herkules project (German armed forces) (construction period 8 months/8,000 m²). Sale to international investors.

Am Stadtgarten office and business premises

LIG built an attractive centrally-located office and business premises in Venloer Straße in Cologne (effective area of 8,800 m²). Transparent architecture and leafy roof spaces provide a visual relationship with the park opposite.