Built in internationalarchitecture:
Mercedes-Benz Centre
at Cologne Technology Park

Mercedes-Benz Centre's"brand essence"
with its overarching glass dome
which itself is crowned with
the turning Mercedes star.

Built just in time:
The New Technology Centre at
Cologne Technology Park
, spread
over approximately 22,000
square metres of building ground

Flooded with light, transparent, communicative:
The atrium of the New Technology Centre

Result of a top-quality
architectural competition:
This is what Dom-Hotel will look like
with its transparent roof structure

Future Dom-Hotel viewed
from Cologne Cathedral

A revitalised memorial as extension
to Dom-Hotel: Blau-Gold-Haus
at the bottom of Cologne Cathedral

Motel-One near Mediapark Cologne:
218-bedroom Hotel, built within
a period of 18 months

Live, work and dwell:
planned Park Hybrid in
the west of Cologne

The headquarters of the renowned
Kölner GAG Immobilien AG:
Office building Josef-Lammerting-Allee 20-22
in Cologne Technology Park


Lammerting Immobilien Group


Many years of expertise with an excellent Track Record and a thorough understanding of the property industry, coupled with extensive market penetration in the Cologne region, are what characterise the LIG Lammerting Immobilien Group.

Lammerting Immobilien GmbH – the core company of the group – primarily focuses on the project development field. Other areas of operation at LIG include property management and asset management.

Major project developments for renowned addresses and our many years of collaboration with national and international investors make LIG a premium project developer in the region.

The Cologne-based second-generation family business has modern and efficient management structures in place. Under the management of Udo J. Lammerting and Michael Susan, the company's operations are primarily concentrated in the Rhine region, particularly in Cologne.

All three factors – family-run company, modern management and regional orientation – lend Lammerting Immobilien GmbH a great degree of flexibility, enable short decision-making channels and rapid reaction times as well as considerable strength.

Business segments

Invest, realise, optimise, revitalise

Project development
Project development
Property management
Property management
Asset management
Asset management

Competency and network

Holistic solutions under one roof


From initiating a project to completing a project development, LIG has a well-versed and experienced network of service providers in addition to its in-house experts: renowned town planners, architects and surveyors, reliable and very economically-operating building companies, marketing and sales experts, legal experts and taxation experts etc.

In addition, the tight network of national and international investors, set up and cultivated by LIG within the past few years, is becoming increasingly important. It is this network which eventually opens up the opportunity of a successful exit.

Lammerting Immobilien GmbH’s complete professionalism, many years of experience and absolute reliability ensure that the properties it develops meet their actual purpose:

  • providing space for users for a quality working, trading and living environment,
  • adding secure and lasting value for investors.


Meet the faces of the company


Family-run LIG Lammerting Immobilien Group is led by a modern management structure with a flat hierarchy.

The directors of the core company, Lammerting Immobilien GmbH, are:

Udo J. Lammerting
Udo J. Lammerting
Michael Susan
Michael Susan


Long-standing tradition with a top-class perspective


The foundation stone for the LIG Lammerting Immobilien Group was laid by Josef and Agnes Lammerting in 1949 with the management of their own and third-party residential houses. The rapid expansion of the property business began in 1978.

Within the same year a generation change took place: Having completed his training in business administration and residential trade and industry, Udo J. Lammerting took over the business and turned LIG into one of the region’s leading real estate companies. His work was assisted by Michael Susan, who has been Managing Director of the company for more than 20 years.


More than three decades project development


Important milestones in the past three decades include: the “Hürth-Park” shopping centre property development, the development of the technology parks in Cologne and Bergisch Gladbach, the Maarwegcenter, the Cologne-Poll industrial park, the new technology centre and the Mercedes-Benz Centre in the Cologne Technology Park, designed based on international architectural principles. Other projects include the development of "Dom-Karree" at the heart of the German metropolis on the Rhine.

Current projects

Park Hybrid

Along with other property owners LIG initiated the conception of a master plan for developing an area of approx. 60.000 square metres in the west of Cologne as an extension to Cologne Technology Park.

This master plan ensures that each of the planned projects of different property owners will be developed as part of overall urban development concept. On top of this, it also ensures that urban development policies such as the realisation of a comprehensive footpath and cycle path network as well as of green and park areas are taken into account.

The name of the project says it all: "Park Hybrid". The idea behind this name is that once the park has been fully developed it is supposed to be used in different ways. For example, in addition to diverse commercial businesses the park will also host hotels and blocks of flats. On its own property areas in the park, LIG plans plans to construct several office buildings and a hotel.


Major projects – first addresses


LIG Lammerting Immobilien Group’s complete professionalism, many years of experience and absolute reliability ensure that the properties it develops meet their actual purpose:

  • providing space for users for a quality working, dwelling and living environment
  • adding secure and lasting value for investors.


You can build on us!


Lammerting Immobilien GmbH
Josef-Lammerting-Allee 25
50933 Cologne

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